Hello, and welcome to the information page for Computer Solutions, located in Louisville, Kentucky.  My name is Mark Alpiger, and I am the owner and operator of this year-old business, which has been licensed by the state (and city) for all of those years.  No other computer consultant, or store, has been open in the area for that length of time, under the same company name and telephone number for all of those years.  I've been there for my customers in the past, and will be here for many years in the future, so I'm someone you can always count on for all your computer needs, anytime that you need assistance.

   Like a lot of computer companies, I sell the latest in IBM compatible computer equipment.  In addition, I handle Macintosh personal computers, along with older PC's too, going back even to the Apple II, Atari, and Commodore era, if customers have a need for help on any of those now 'out of date' machines.

   Additionally, I provide a number of unique services for users that are sometimes difficult to find elsewhere.  They include:


   On-site visits at your location, to help with a computer problem, or give training, at extremely reasonable pricing.
   Set-up (and tutoring) on a new computer system, or software.
   Internet security, via software designed to stop viruses, hackers, spam, and web page ads.
   Back-ups of your hard drive data, your video collection, or your software discs, for safety and security.
   Design, and implementation, of a web site for your business, or personal, needs.
   Imaging services, including professional scans of photos, negatives, and / or slides; also, digital photography that's done on location.
   Transfer of your software from your original hard drive, to a larger one; also, data conversion from one computer type to another (example: Mac to PC).
   Setup of networking for home or business users, including wiring, server setup, and more.


   Of course, I offer help with almost any computer issue, and pride myself on truly living up to my business name.  Let me know if I can help you with my experienced, personalized help.  Contact me by sending an e-mail to:  I look forward to giving  you a solution, today!